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Introduction :

Al Salama, a world class prestigious institution Group, is an enterprising milestone that has born from holly land of earth, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to make reality in God’s own Country Kerala.

Al Salama Group of Companies is an enterprising milestone who has born from holly land of earth, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to make reality in God’s Own County Kerala a world class prestigious institution. A dynamic, ambitious and accomplished business visionary affianced in business promotion initiatives in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and established in Kerala India. An ardent philanthropist as well as humanitarian and supports several charity initiatives in partnership with Governments, Trusts, NGOs and individuals besides own projects. Er. Muhammed Kutty, Arikuzhiyil is the Founder Chairman Al Salama Group which is the controlling entity of a number of leading businesses in health care, education and retail areas.

Personal Profile :

More than thirty years of experience in administration, business and quality assurance activities. Highly proficient in organizing, directing and promoting diversified enterprises ranging from services, research & development, manufacturing and trading activities. Professionally experienced in organizing, directing, managing and initiatives with years of proven experience in the capacity of Executive Chairman, Director and promoter etc. Denial disposition, positive attitude, presentable personality and a natural flair of getting along with parents, wife, children, brothers, sisters, neighbors, partners, directors, top professional executives and decision makers.

Family Profile :

Parents:- I blessed the third son of the great parents Marhum Unneen Kutty Haji and Marhum Malumma aliyas Fathima Hajumma. My parent’s contribution with blessing of Allah the almighty for making me this level is not be compensated by anything available in this world. May Allah the Almighty the most merciful and Most Gracious bless them and keep them in Jannathul firdouse and bless us to meet them there.

My Great Parents

Wife:- My parents arranged me to happily marry to Mrs. Chery Amina Muhammed Kutty 4th daughter of Marhum Kizhisseri Hamsa Haji and kadeeja Hajjumma, Kakooth. Perinthalmanna. All are saying I am lucky person because my family with me the whole time about twenty seven years of my stay in Saudi Arabia. She also made me to reach this level with blessing of Allah the Almighty.

Children:- The Allah blessed us with a son Hisham Mohammed and two daughters Shreena Abdulgafoor and Fathima Shima and son-in-laws Dr. Abdulgafoor and Salih Abduppa ( business man) and Ummul khair daughter in law.

Grand Children:- I also blessed with three granddaughters Naila Gafoor, Lyba Gafoor, Zalfa Salih and one grandson Mohammed Sulaiman salih.

Brothers and Sisters:- I have blessed one elder brother Er. Abduppa Haji and three younger brothers Usman Haji, Umer Farook Haji and Adv. Samsudeen Haji one elder sister Fathima alias Kunhimmu Hujjumma and younger sister Asia Hajjumma. Mr.Mohammed Koolath Haji and Mr. Mohammed Haji Kundukavil are my brother-in-laws. May Family name is Arikuzhiyil, it is spread over Vengoor, Melatur panchayat having many members.

Vission And Mission

Imagine a world without light, a world where you don’t know what color’s are, or what flowers look like; or how a smile softens any face, sounds scary, doesn’t it? The greatest gift of life and the most important of all senses this is what makes life fully worth living. Can anything be nobler than helping people to experience the joy of total vision? Truly, the sense of sight is a very precious gift and is treasured by one and all, because your eyes are your window to see the world. That is where Al Salama Eye Hospital comes in.

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